Wild Pony Whispering


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The Real Life Story of How an Orphaned Exmoor Pony Foal Helped Us to to Tame and Understand the Wild Ponies of Exmoor

This is the real-life story of Monsieur Chapeau, a wild, orphaned Exmoor pony foal found severely malnourished with pneumonia on the moors of Exmoor and how he survived and thrived beyond all expectations – bringing with him the secrets of how to create a bond of trust and friendship with the wild Exmoor ponies. Dawn Westcott, the author, and her husband Nick, run the Moorland Exmoor Foal Project. Their struggle to get Monsieur Chapeau recognised and registered as a true Moorland Exmoor highlights the plight of the free-living ponies of Exmoor National Park that threatens their very existence. This book follows Monsieur Chapeau and other foals like him and the quest to safeguard the future of this endangered ancient native breed. Horse whispering becomes pony whispering as a wild Exmoor pony connects with man to secure his survival – with the character, wisdom and generosity of heart to inspire better understanding of the equine mind. This story will appeal to those with a love of Exmoor and its flora and fauna and also provides an invaluable practical guide for people interested in ‘connecting’ with horses through trust-based liberty handling and socialisation – from the perspective of the enigmatic Exmoor ponies. Now Monsieur Chapeau reaches out from the moor and shows that there is more that must be done to ensure the successful preservation of the wild Exmoor ponies – and improve their welfare, wellbeing and opportunities – and the way they are handled and trained, in this superbly presented and richly illustrated book.


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