Seafoam Two-Tone Wire Wrapped Aqua Sea Glass Bangle


This stylish bangle is created from solid copper and silver plated jewellery grade wire woven together by hand.  The piece of sea glass at the centre was possibly part of a bottle stopper because it is completely rounded and is a gorgeous aqua colour.

The bangle was made by weaving thin solid copper wire into five lengths of thicker silver plated and solid copper wire and finished off with decorative spirals.

The sea glass piece was encapsulated in a simple spiral and fixed to the centre to create a unique bangle that you will love to wear. The sea glass in the spiral measures 25 x 10 mm approx.

The bangle measures 204 mm around the inside and it has been designed to fit most wrist sizes. To fit, simply open out gently and squeeze to fit the wrist. If your wrist is small, the ends will overlap. The bangle will be sent to you in an organza gift bag.

The copper wire has a clear hypoallergenic coating to prevent tarnishing.

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