PR, Social Media, Branding, Know your Customer Event


A fun evening with International PR consultant, Elaine Harrison.
Event : Monday, 19th Nov 6.30 for 7 start.



PR can do more for your money than any other marketing tool – if it’s done well!

Elaine will look at how you are using PR and leave you with some great tips to apply it to your own business.

During the evening we will look at:

Authentic message – Is it clear?

USP – Do you know what it is?

You are the brand – Yes you!

Taking responsibility – Success or otherwise is up to you.

Social media – A great way of reaching more people

Spreading the message – You’ve got to TELL people!

Branding – Do you have it?

Thinking outside the box – How to stand out from the crowd

Knowing the customers – Who are they?

“Elaine connected me with a journalist whom I helped write an article for the Daily Mail, one of our national newspapers. Elaine is good. Really, really good. She knows the market and all the people and publications. She has an uncanny knack and works hard at it. I have a lot of respect for her and that is saying something. ” – Alison Chester-Lambert M.A. Astrologer and Astro-Psychologist

“Elaine has been brilliant in promoting my book. She has got me several magazine articles, a radio interview on the BBC and even into a national newspaper, which led to my book rocketing up the Amazon charts. She understood the audience for my book and targeted the marketing perfectly. Highly recommended.” – Sally Duffell, Grow Your Own HRT

“I love working with Elaine. Not only is she fabulous at PR, media, personal development and an amazing developmental editor, she is the best at holding space for creating ideas. There is no wasting time or energy, within a few minutes of brainstorming with Elaine, I always have a list of actionable steps I can take to get me message out there. I always come away from the call feeling lighter, happier and back to being capable of moving forward.” – Kay Newton, Midlife Stress-Buster

About Elaine
Elaine is an author (Today Is The Day You Change Your Life), coach (she has worked with senior executives and top teams internationally) and publicist. Her passion is helping people to discover who they really are, what they would really love to be doing, and encouraging them to uncover the wealth of inner resources they have to get them to wherever they wish to be.


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