An Audience with Philippa Gerry


Saturday, 23 September 2019 * 2.30 pm

Meet 87-year-old Philippa Gerry who will be talking about her book “We Thought You Knew”, her early childhood in India and how she was left in the UK by her parents.

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Saturday, 23 February 2019 * 2.30 pm

‘Protecting’ a small child, by not telling them about something that is going to happen, is actually worse than giving a small explanation. Not knowing gives rise to dark thoughts; it’s a denial of the need to know, an exclusion. A child of any age needs to feel part of the family. Dialogue is a must. Children are full of surprises. They digest information they can understand, and ignore what they can’t. Secrets can be very toxic. My mother was advised to protect me (age 5) from the fact that she was due to return to India without me. This book is for anyone wondering what to tell a child: Just something simple will do. Luckily she had a good place to leave me, a saving grace. Please, please communicate.

87-year-old Philippa Gerry published her book “We Thought You Knew” last year – it is the story of how she had to come to terms with being left in the UK by her parents.


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